Convince Your Boss

You're eager to attend CONNECT.TECH and why not?

It is the most awesome web and mobile developer conference in the South East. You will meet and mingle with peers, world renowned speakers, technology experts, published authors and Open Source core committers. CONNECT.TECH has the potential to help you work smarter, and support your business and career goals.

The Top 7 Reasons to Attend CONNECT.TECH

  • 1

    Multiple Tracks

    CONNECT.TECH tackles key software issues with a track-based format. Focusing on performance, mobile strategy, or scaling your app? Explore tracks including React, Angular, Vue, Node, and more.

  • 2

    Stack exposure

    Learn to pair tech stacks effectively at CONNECT.TECH. Benefit from expert-led examples, real-time Q&As, and hands-on experiences with different stacks, features, and programming paradigms.

  • 3

    Uninterrupted focus

    At CONNECT.TECH, immerse in learning without interruptions. Engage with fellow attendees and dive deep into topics during our one-day workshops. Move your projects forward with new knowledge.

  • 4

    Stay Current

    Stay abreast of fast-paced tech changes at CONNECT.TECH. Discover new developments, products, services, trends, and get hands-on with the latest tools like WebAssembly.

  • 5

    The Hallway Track

    At CONNECT.TECH, networking is key. The hallway track allows casual meetings with industry experts, gaining insights, and making professional contacts beyond sessions.

  • 6

    15 years of developer conference excellence

    With 15 years' experience, the CONNECT.TECH organizers deliver relevant content. We receive quality proposals, enabling us to hand-pick the best topics for our attendees.

  • 7

    Cost effective

    Experience a premium conference at community prices. The fee covers meals, after-parties, t-shirts, and more. Bring your team for a cost-effective learning opportunity.